CL-HTTP 70.218 on an ODROID-XU, quad-core, big.LITTLE.
LispWorks 7 on Linux/Ubuntu.

Genera Concepts - An overview of the concepts behind Symbolics Genera, the operating system for Lisp Machines from Symbolics.

Micro Tale-Spin - Inside Micro Tale-Spin: Symbolic Computing with Lisp applied to story telling.

30 Years Mac, a Lisp perspective - 2014: The Mac is 30 years old. A Lisp perspective.

30+ Years Common Lisp the Language - 2014: The book Common Lisp the Language by Guy L. Steele Jr. is 30 years old.

Lisp-based Newton OS - talking with Mikel Evins about a project at Apple.

Why Lisp is different - a reason for its survival.

Ergonomics of the Symbolics Lisp Machine - Reflections on the Developer Productivity.

Symbolics Hints - Some hints for Symbolics users collected by Rainer Joswig.

Lisp books from Springer - The Springer publishing company has a few Lisp-related books and articles for download.