CL-HTTP 70.218 on an ODROID-XU, quad-core, big.LITTLE.
LispWorks 7 on Linux/Ubuntu.


Lisp Machine

Kalman Reti's Symbolics Lisp Machine presentation - This is a rough introductory demo of the Symbolics Lisp Machine (in Brad Parker's emulator).

Flavors - A non-hierarchical approach to object-oriented programming, by Howard I. Cannon, 1979 (PDF) - Object-oriented programming systems have typically been organized around hierarchical inheritance. Unfortunately, this organization restricts the usefulness of the object-oriented programming paradigm. This paper presents a non-hierarchically organized object-oriented system, an implementation of which has been in practical use on the MIT Lisp Machine since late 1979.

Unifying Software Elements with LISP-based Object-Oriented Technology, Markus Fischer, Symbolics (PDF) - The paper describes the use of object-oriented techniques throughout all layers of software, in the design and the implementation phase. These techniques increase the productivity of the software engineer as well as the user's benefit from the application. Several tools and their interdependencies are described and supported with some examples. The resulting methodology is needed in order to match today's needs of innovative industrial users.

Symbolics LM-2 - Various documents about the first Lisp Machine from Symbolics, including various screen shots from 1980.

LISP MACHINE MANUAL 3rd Edition (1981-03-16) on (PDF) - Written by Dan Weinreb and David Moon. MIT AI Lab.

CADR emulator - The source for the CADR Lisp Machine emulator and the source for the Lisp Machine operating system from MIT.

SMBX' SDTV Color Sys - A high-res picture showing a color graphics board for a Symbolics Lisp Machine

Section of SMBX Photon Main Board - A high-res picture showing a part of a high-end graphics board for a Symbolics Lisp Machine

Lisp Machine Manual - Hypertext edition of the 6th edition of the Lisp Machine Manual

Symbolics 3620 pictures - Scroll down for various images

lisp machine - Lambda The Ultimate - Some information snippets.

Storage Management in a LISP-based Microprocessor (Steele/Sussman, 1979) - A different approach on a processor for a Lisp Machine.

The Connection Machines CM-1 and CM-2 - Described by its product designer.

Symbolics Graphics Division videos from Tom McMahon - Various demos also showing working with the Symbolics S-Graphics

Space Cadet Keyboard - Detailed images of an actual MIT Space Cadet Keyboard, typically used with the MIT Lisp Machine

Symbolics Lisp Machine demo Jan 2013, by Kalman Reti - a rough introductory demo of the Symbolics Lisp Machine (in Brad Parker's emulator)

Jetson's the Movie - The 3d animations were done with Symbolics Graphics tools.

TI Explorer Lisp Machine Source Code - The Texas Instruments Explorer is a family of Lisp Machine computers. These computers were sold by Texas Instruments in the 1980s. The Explorer is based on a design from Lisp Machines Incorporated, which is based on the MIT Lisp Machine. The Explorer was used for development and deployment of artificial-intelligence software.

BBN Butterfly - Picture of a BBN Butterfly multiprocessor with a Symbolics Console

Action! - The worlds first dynamic interface builder. 1988. Shown on a Lisp Machine.


Marvin Minsky, The Beauty of the Lisp language - Short video with Marvin Minsky

Getting Started in *Lisp (PDF) - Parallel Lisp for the Connection Machine from Thinking Machines Corporation

PILOT: A Step Toward Man-Computer Symbiosis - by Warren Teitelman, 1966 - PILOT is a programming system constructed in LISP.

CL-HTTP Primer - The aim of this primer is therefore to give minimal examples, to illustrate what is needed to write a number of typical applications. These will help you to understand the basic principles of CL-HTTP's operation, and can serve as templates for creating real Web applications in Lisp.

CAPI Basics and Examples - CAPI is the graphics and GUI substrate of LispWorks.

Common Lisp Mails - Mails from the Common Lisp mailing list, 1981-1989

SubL Reference - SubL is a computer language built by members of Cycorp. SubL was written to support the Cyc application, allowing it to run both under Lisp environments and as a C application generated by a SubL-to-C translator. This document describes the primitive functions of SubL.


Artificial Intelligence


Logo Memos - Memos from the MIT AI Lab about the Logo language.

Today's Smalltalk: A Second Look At The First OO Language - If you haven't paid attention to Smalltalk in a while, it might be time to catch up. Blake Watson traces its evolution, tells you the current state of the development community, and some of the cooler tools that the language has gained.